Thursday, February 5, 2009

Subtle signs of love

In the spirit of Valentine's day or just any day for that matter, wouldn't this necklace be so lovely to wear for your special someone? This necklace is handmade and would also be the perfect gift for your bridesmaids... Best of all, it doesn't burn an empty hole in your wallet! Only $30! You can buy it here.

{photo via JoiedeVieJewelry}


  1. Love it! I am sold! this is so adorable!

  2. Very cute. Imagine if it said "love ___" [fill in name of your boyfriend/fiancee/husband]. Even cuter.

  3. hi there... thanks so much for the blog love! you are too cute... and i'd be happy to meet up with you to get you your little bit of JDV Jewelry "love"