Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm not even going to explain my absence so I'll just jump start to a few images that are really inspiring me lately. Just know that I am alive and posts will be sporadic as life just keeps happening. :) Thanks folks for still stopping by!

We bought furniture this past week and I am so excited to start decorating! I am so lucky to have a husband-to-be who gives me free reign to decorate to my hearts' content...within reason, of course, and light on his pocket. :)

I've been browsing sfgirlbybay's earlier posts of her "Ode to My Deco" Domino files and I am enamored with charcoal and gray walls. I've been smitten with gray walls for awhile and I really think I am going to paint our bedroom with a soft gray tone color. I am so sad that is no longer but so excited to use these images as my inspiration! Here's a few that I really adore:

Dark walls with soft, light accents will definitely keep the mood serene and calm.

The perfect pair: mustard yellow and gray! LOVE IT!

Did I ever mention that I am DETERMINED to have a chalkboard wall somewhere in the house?! The husband-to-be is not too keen on chalkboard dust everywhere but I can reassure him that it won't be messy and since I am a neat freak, it won't happen. Ever. :)

Too perfect for words...

One day, I will post pictures of my own home and see how they compare with these images. Hopefully they'll be close!

{images via sfgirlbybay}