Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm not even going to explain my absence so I'll just jump start to a few images that are really inspiring me lately. Just know that I am alive and posts will be sporadic as life just keeps happening. :) Thanks folks for still stopping by!

We bought furniture this past week and I am so excited to start decorating! I am so lucky to have a husband-to-be who gives me free reign to decorate to my hearts' content...within reason, of course, and light on his pocket. :)

I've been browsing sfgirlbybay's earlier posts of her "Ode to My Deco" Domino files and I am enamored with charcoal and gray walls. I've been smitten with gray walls for awhile and I really think I am going to paint our bedroom with a soft gray tone color. I am so sad that is no longer but so excited to use these images as my inspiration! Here's a few that I really adore:

Dark walls with soft, light accents will definitely keep the mood serene and calm.

The perfect pair: mustard yellow and gray! LOVE IT!

Did I ever mention that I am DETERMINED to have a chalkboard wall somewhere in the house?! The husband-to-be is not too keen on chalkboard dust everywhere but I can reassure him that it won't be messy and since I am a neat freak, it won't happen. Ever. :)

Too perfect for words...

One day, I will post pictures of my own home and see how they compare with these images. Hopefully they'll be close!

{images via sfgirlbybay}


  1. Jisun, You have exquisite taste! Love your choices, I'm sure your wedding will be awesome.


  2. Just came across your site, and I'm loving the decor. You're getting married next month? Congrats! I'm getting married next summer, and I'm already overwhelmed at everything I have to do!!!