Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Right along the aisle

Due to our venue's policy, we are not able to scatter rose petals over the aisle. To minimize costs, I am trying to think of alternate ways to decorate the aisle without the use of tulle and flowers. I have been thinking about using candle votives or hurricanes along the aisle. I think the candles would lit the ceremony so beautifully in the evening. However, the fiance thinks someone will knock it over or better yet, I might knock it over with my train! I see this can pose a problem but it seems like it can work. The wedding above makes me believe that it went off without a hitch. Don't you think?

I just love the simplicity of this ceremony. Absolutely no flowers were used and yet it created such a calm and serene space.

Perhaps using sturdy pebbles/rocks would help if someone tempts to knock them over!

I'd love to know what you all did to decorate your aisle. Any suggestions?

{photo via Hugh Forte Photography, F-e-t-e, unknown*}

*I apologize in advance as I have many images that I have saved prior to starting this blog and there will be times where I am not sure where the source originally came from. If you happen to know the source for the picture above please let me know. I want to make sure I credit the source when credit is due. Thanks!


  1. They have these battery opperated votives that flicker like a real candle. I would use something like that. My sister bought them because she has toddlers. It's a safe and beautiful idea. I don't think they cost that much either.

  2. hi there! i was great to meet you/ chatting with you today!!

    i actually saw this weddingbee wedding a long time ago and dug it up for you to help with the aisle decor inspiration... they used (for lack of a better name) standard white "catholic" prayer candles to line the aisle - they're super cheap but look fab, i used them throughout my wedding and you can get them at Wal-mart or Walgreens for less that $2 a piece... way cheaper than buying hurricanes and things to go inside!

    hope you enjoy mrs. lilly's ceremony photos, you can find them here:


  3. Great ideas, ladies! I'll have to take a look at the venue again to see what I can do but these will be on my mind as I plan.